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Parent coach/Parent Education

One on one:

  • 12 Week Coaching Program ~I offer a highly effective coaching program that gives parents the opportunity to understand their teenager ~ why they do what they do and act the way they act. We also work with practical skills so that you can begin to effectively deal with their challenging behavior in a way that builds relationship and connection and reduces conflict and stress.
  •       4 months at 3 sessions/month   $250/month
  •       3 months at 4 sessions/month    $330/month
  • In person/phone sessions ~ In this day and age when many people have incredibly busy schedules, it’s nice to know that coaching by phone, from the comfort of your own home, is available and very effective. It also allows me to work with you, no matter where you live. My scheduling flexibility allows me to accommodate your needs.

Parenting Workshops:

  • Conscious Parenting Project for parents of Teens and Tweens (Please visit “Upcoming Workshops” to learn about the next scheduled series.)
  • Circle of Security Project
    • Specialized Workshops

On-going support ~ Please Note…the following services are designed for parents who have attended workshops or have completed a coaching program:

  • Coaching sessions ~ 60 min sessions in person/phone
  • Laser Coaching ~ 30 min sessions in person/phone
  • Support Groups ~ get together with other parents once a month for 2 hours of continued support and coaching
Mediation Services
  • Parent/Teen Mediation ~ Lets sit down together and mediate agreements with your kids.
  • Parent to Parent Mediation ~ This includes:
  •      Making agreements about how to effectively parent together
  •      Mediated parenting plans
  •      How to have productive on-going communication
Circle of Security Project
  • 12 Week Coaching Program Circle of Security ~ in person only. This program covers the Circle of Security Curriculum and positive parenting techniques.

Call today for a free 30 minute, no-strings-attached consultation. Let’s talk and see if I can be of help to you as you learn to navigate the rough waters of parenting a teenager.

For a Free Consultation360-943-0852/360-870-9592


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