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About Conscious Parenting

Core belief: All parents want to be the very best parent they can be.

Recognition: Parenting is the most challenging job we will ever do…and the most important.

When children become teenagers and hit the age of rebellion, it often seems as though there is a break in connection and relationship. It seems as though they don’t want to have anything to do with their parents, who begin to see all kinds of  behavior that they never thought they’d see from them. Many teens become rude and disrespectful to their parents, pushing them away…wanting to do things on their own, without any guidance or help.

When this break occurs it is painful and frustrating. It often seems as though the harder parents try, the worse things get. Many parents feel as though they have done something wrong or failed in some way. Many parents feel embarrassed or even ashamed by what has happened to their relationship with their children, and asking for help seems like further proof of failure. Asking for help takes courage and a commitment to learning a different way to parent your teen than the way that you were parented. Parents who face that challenge often have astounding results.

Once kids enter puberty, their “job” becomes “trying to figure out who they are…separate from you”. They are on the threshold of becoming adults and they are trying to figure out how to do that. Contrary to appearances, teenagers need (and WANT) their parents now, even more than they did before they hit puberty.

You have the opportunity to influence and become a resource for your teen as they learn the skills they will need to successfully transition into adulthood. You have the opportunity to mentor them as they “practice” how to become an adult.

Does this sound familiar? Are you looking for a way to understand what is happening? Are you ready to re-think how to parent your teen?

Call today for a free 30 minute, no-strings-attached consultation. Let’s talk and see if I can be of help to you as you learn to navigate the rough waters of parenting a teenager.

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Debi Bailey lives in Olympia WA and works with parents and families. Sessions are available in office or on the phone. (Parents of teens often have a very busy schedule and it is challenging to add in the time to travel to appointments. Coaching is very conducive and extremely effective in meeting by phone.)

What people are saying about Conscious Parenting:

“At our house we call her the ‘Teen Whisperer’.” Dinea Norrell

“Debi Bailey is an amazing resource for parents of teens.” Christine Robbins

“Debi really helped me expand my understanding of my daughter’s developmental needs at this time and gave me clear suggestions on how to incorporate new parenting skills and techniques for this stage of our lives.” Elissa Kokis

“I find you to be a highly credible and competent parent educator. I find you to be realistic and purely objective.  That is what we ask and that is what the parents deserve.  Thanks again for all of your work and commitment to families.” Sharonda Amamilo Atty


Certified Parent/Teen/Family Coach

Certified Mediator

State Certified Counselor

Registered Circle of Security Parent Educator

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