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Problems With Your Teen? I can help


I can help.

Are you challenged by teenage:

  • Rebellion and defiance?
  • Power struggles?
  • Fighting over chores?
  • Homework and grades?
  • Lack of communication? (Your teen doesn’t listen to you and won’t talk honestly about what is going on?)
  • Teens making poor choices?
  • Not thinking for themselves?
  • Lack of ability to take responsibility for their actions?

Let’s talk. Debi Bailey 360-870-9592

I offer a highly effective 12 week coaching program that gives parents the opportunity to understand their teenager ~ why they do what they do and act the way they act. We also work with practical skills so that you can begin to effectively deal with their challenging behavior in a way that builds relationship and connection and reduces conflict and stress.

4 months at 3 sessions/month   $250/month

3 months at 4 sessions/month    $330/month

In this day and age when many people have incredibly busy schedules, it’s nice to know that coaching by phone, from the comfort of your own home, is available and very effective. It also allows me to work with you, no matter where you live. My scheduling flexibility allows me to accommodate your needs.

Call today to schedule a free 45 minute consultation and find out how easy it can be to change the dynamics of the relationship with your teenager.

Debi Bailey 360-870-9592

Helping parents create partnerships with their teenagers

as they mentor them into adulthood

What people are saying about Conscious Parenting:

“At our house we call her the ‘Teen Whisperer’.” Dinea Norrell

“Debi Bailey is an amazing resource for parents of teens.” Christine Robbins

“Debi really helped me expand my understanding of my daughter’s developmental needs at this time and gave me clear suggestions on how to incorporate new parenting skills and techniques for this stage of our lives.” Elissa Kokis

“I find you to be a highly credible and competent parent educator. I find you to be realistic and purely objective.  That is what we ask and that is what the parents deserve.  Thanks again for all of your work and commitment to families.” Sharonda Amamilo Atty


Parent As Coach Academy/Academy for Family Coach Training ~ Master’s level Certified Parent/Teen/Family Coach

Thurston County Dispute Resolution Center ~ Certified Mediator

WA State Certified Counselor

Circle of Security ~ Registered Circle of Security Parent Educator

Conscious Parenting/Debi Bailey/360-870-9592/

1910 4th Ave E PMB #126/ Olympia WA/98506

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